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    Wave Collection

    The Pieces of this collection are inspired by the waves of the ocean that includes a fusion of color to create a work of art.

    Vibrant Color earrings, Fuchsia and yellow Earrings, neon lightweight earrings, leather earrings
    Brilliant Color earrings, yellow and Fuchsia Earrings, neon lightweight earrings, leather earrings
    Pink & Neon Yellow
    Neon Yellow & Pink
    Pink & Yellow

    Heat Wave


    Mint - Green & Dark Purple
    Dark Purple - Green & Mint

    Breaking Wave


    Mint - Light pink & Dark Purple
    Light Pink - Mint & Dark Purple
    Dark Purple - Light Pink & Mint

    Rogue Wave


    Lilac - Pink & Orange
    Pink - Orange & Lilac
    Lilac - Dark Purple & Orange

    Gravity Wave


    Blue - Yellow & Dark Purple
    Yellow - Pink & Blue
    Yellow - Dark Purple & Blue

    Edge Wave


    Neon Color earrings, Light weighted neon earrings
    Pink - Neon Yellow & Orange
    Dark Purple - Dark Orange & Neon Yellow
    Neon Yellow - Dark Purple & Dark Orange

    Surface Wave


    Ocean Wave


    Lilac - Dark Purple & Neon Yellow
    Dark Purple - Lilac & Yellow
    Lilac - Neon Yellow & Dark Purple

    Sound Wave


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